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Freedom Bank
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Freedom Bank is your local bank with online access from anywhere. We are located near Glacier National Park and serve the Flathead Valley and beyond.

Freedom Bank thrives on community involvement and is built on a foundation of trust. Don Bennett, President of Freedom Bank in Columbia Falls, is no stranger to building from the ground up. Freedom Bank, which Bennett founded in April 2005, began in his basement. For the first year, the bank operated out of an old 980-square-foot trailer, sporting a sign that said Ya Gotta Start Somewhere!

Since then, the bank built a beautiful building on Highway 2 in Columbia Falls and has grown to over $62 million in assets. Personalized relationships are our primary focus. The bank is built on a foundation of trust, commitment to the community and personal attention to our customers.

Just like many of our customers, Freedom Bank is a small business. We face many of the same marketplace challenges: Big banks get bigger, burdensome government regulations keep piling on and small banks are gobbled up by bigger banks. We have a real appreciation for people who have the courage and determination to step out and start, buy, or grow a business.

Freedom Bank is a small, locally owned community bank. We emphasize personal relationships with individuals and small businesses. We consider our small size and local character to be one of our strengths.

Looking back on his career in banking as president of First Citizens Bank and now as president and founder of Freedom Bank, Bennett notes he has many fond memories and proud moments.

If you are just traveling through and need a bank near Glacier National Park, we are conveniently located. Stop on by!
Freedom Bank, Columbia Falls, MT

530 9th St. West
PO Box 2076
Columbia Falls, MT 59912

Routing Number: 092905456

Lobby Hours:
Monday - Friday: 9AM - 5PM
Saturday: 9AM - 1PM

Drive Thru Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8AM - 6PM
Saturday: 9AM - 1PM

Tel: (406) 892-1776
Fax: (406) 892-6620
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530 9th St. West
Columbia Falls, MT 59912


233 13th Street East

PO Box 312

Columbia Falls, MT


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